Improve Your Freestyle Breathing Technique

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Proper freestyle technique for breathing is important when learning how to freestyle. Problems breathing will throw your other freestyle techniques off. Your kicks, shoulders, head and entire body can misalign. Learn how to breathe properly when freestyle swimming and you’ll notice the change on your entire freestyle swimming technique. I’ll explain as if you breathe to your left side so adjust the explanation if you breathe to your right.

freestyle swimming breathing technique

Photo from: poeartry-combo

You need to learn proper head positioning before developing good freestyle breathing technique. How do I position my head? Have your chin tucked in pointing to your chest. It reduces resistance in the water so you improve your streamline. The chin tucked is one way to have a proper freestyle technique.

Roll your right hip down pointing towards the bottom of the pool as your right hand enters the water starting to out-scull. Roll your head with your body and slightly turn your head away. How slight is slight? Enough where 1/2 of your mouth exposes the air. Your mouth is like a groundhog, it needs to “sneak” outside. Your right eye should still be in the water.  You should breathe out about 90% of your lung capacity before you’re starting rolling your hips.

After inhaling, turn your bodies back to its original position so your head stays looking down in the water. Your head rolls with your body only when you’re going to breathe.

Practice rotating your hips and notice where your mouth and eyes are in the water. Practice and adjust and you’ll swim faster in freestyle.

Learn How to Use Snorkel Masks

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Your snorkeling trip can be a disaster if you’re not prepared. Snorkel masks are important swimming gear to have when snorkeling. You’ll need them to see under water. There are a few tips you must know to minimize the chances of running into problems with your snorkeling mask.

Step 1: Your new mask

boy trying on a snorkeling mask

Boy trying on a snorkeling mask. Photo by hobomama

Some masks come with oily residue or liquid silicone. You’ll need to clean the mask with a mask cleaner you can buy at any sporting store. A good, cheaper option is using toothpaste or a nonabrasive liquid dish washing detergent. I’m going to beat a dead horse and say it again. Use nonabrasive liquid dish washing soap. If you’re not sure, use a toothpaste or buy a cleaner at the store. Apply the cleaner outside and inside the lens. Wipe around the lens with a soft cloth and rinse with tap water.

Step 2: Inspect your snorkel mask

Make sure the mask fits your face comfortably. Not fit means more water entering your mask. Don’t use the strap when you’re trying on the mask. Slightly inhale through your nose. Tilt your head down and it still holds, then you have a good fit. Check for wear or rips on the straps or loose buckles and replace them if needed.

Step 3: Get the most out of your mask

Anti-fog solutions will be your best friend. The fast and cheap yet not so effective way of defogging your mask is to spit inside your goggles. It doesn’t sound disgusting when you’re already in the water with a foggy mask. A better solution is to buy a commercial anti-fog solution. Those work the best and lasts much longer. Another good option is the toothpaste. It lasts longer than spit but not as long as commercial products. Always rinse your snorkel mask with tap water after you finish.

Snorkel masks are important gear to have when snorkeling. I can’t say this enough. You can go without the snorkeling fins or snorkel. Without a mask, you’ll have a hard time seeing under water. Without seeing underwater, then you’re not snorkeling. How boring is that? Imagine. Everyone gets to enjoy swimming with the fishes, experiencing the wonderful sea life while your head is on the surface. Imagine waiting for your friends and family to come up to tell you how wonderful it looks down there. Take a few snorkel mask preparations and enjoy the day out in the water.

Learn How to Use Snorkels

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learn how to use a snorkel

I’m ready to snorkel…are you? Photo from deepsixscuba

Snorkeling with fishes isn’t enjoyable if you can’t look under water without breathing. You don’t need a snorkel but why lift your head every 20 seconds? Keep your eyes on sea life and let the snorkel help you breathe. Here are a few simple steps to help you learn how to use snorkels.

Step 1: Prepare

Your mask and snorkel must attach. Take time to adjust them properly for comfort and good fit. Position your mouthpiece and bite down. Not hard but enough where water isn’t leaking through your mouth. Don’t know how hard is hard? When your jaw starts to hurt after you’re done snorkeling.

Step 2: Clearing the water

You need to do is clear out any water that is inside your snorkel. Breathe out with force so water can leave from your snorkel. You’ll know there’s water still inside when you breathe out. It makes a rattling sound. Slowly inhale to make sure the water is gone. If not, breathe out harder to get rid of the remaining water. Water can enter your snorkel when waves come by over your head so learning how to clear your snorkel will come in handy.

Step 3: In the water

Once you’re ready to explore, your face is in the water. Your snorkel should be pointing vertically (straight up and down, not side to side) above your head. Breathe normally and relax. You can forget most snorkel tips here as long as you relax. If you can’t, learn how to relax in the water. Don’t breathe in when you’re resurfacing since you may end up breathing in water.

Learn How to Use Snorkeling Fins

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Learning how to use snorkeling fins properly is important. Your water safety increases by limiting the energy needed to keep yourself afloat. Fins should help you move around the water with less effort. Not using snorkeling fins properly may get you tired faster. These minor adjustments will help you swim with less effort. Less effort means more snorkeling time. More snorkeling time means more fun.

Step 1: Avoid using your arms

No matter how bad you want to use your arms to swim across the water. Don’t. Let your fins do all the moving. Your snorkeling fins give you more power with less effort than your arms. It’s a very habit to use your arm and you’ll waste more energy. Put your arms to your side and have them relax.

Step 2: When you’re on the surface

It’s important to keep your snorkeling fins in the water. You’ll go nowhere if your fins are splashing out of the water. If you’re kicking and still not moving, it’s most likely this.

Step 3: The motion

Your feet and calves should relax while the power comes from your hips. A.K.A your butts and thighs. Kicking should be slow with your knees straight and relaxed. Your kick is fluid and gentle. Concentrate on not splashing and keeping your fins in the water. Long and slow kicks are more efficient than short and fast kicks. I guess you can compare it to the tortoise and the hare race. Slow and steady wins the race.

Funny snorkeling fin video

Learning how to use snorkeling fins will make snorkeling more fun. The whole point is to relax and enjoy mother nature at her finest. Don’t let the fins ruin your day. Practice each tip until you get it down, then move on to the next. Try not to follow each step at once to avoid overthinking. Who wants to overthink when they’re in the water? Make sure you get enough to eat on your snorkeling day to get the most out of your energy. These snorkeling fin tips will also help minimize any possible danger you may run into. Use your best judgment and get into the water that you know you can physically and mentally handle. Good luck!

Snorkeling – How to Prepare Your Snorkel Gear

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Skip the saltwater fish tanks and jump into the ocean. Snorkeling is one of the easiest ways to explore life underwater. Watch and swim right next to underwater species in their own habitat. Before experiencing the underwater world, you must prepare yourself when snorkeling. Read on and get ready for preparation on snorkeling gear.

Step 1: Snorkel Mask

snorkel mask

Different kinds of snorkel masks. Photo from About

You must look for a snorkeling mask that fits your face. Without the proper fit, water will leak through making your snorkeling adventure become a no adventure. Move the strap and brush your hair away and press the mask firmly onto your face. Inhale through your nose and the mask should stick to your face without any support but your inhale. The strap should wrap around the widest part of your head. Adjust the strap for a snug fit. Feeling a headache coming on? The strap is on too tight.

Snorkel Mask Tips

  • Your mask is fogging – Fogging goggles is similar to not using any goggles. You can barely see anything. Spit inside the mask, smear it around and dip in the water for a quick rinse. This will temporarily help remove the fogging from your mask. Spitting a little disgusting? Try prepping your snorkeling mask by rinsing the inside of the mask with toothpaste. You can also buy an anti-fogging product from any sports or scuba diving store.
  • There’s water in your mask – Hold the top frame of your mask against your forehead. Forcefully breathe out through your nose while tilting your head up for 2-4 seconds. The key is tilting your head up. The air bubbles created from your nose will force the water to exit through the bottom of the snorkeling mask. Repeat this until you’re satisfied. I usually keep a little water inside so I can swoosh it around the goggles as an anti-fog method.

Step 2: The Snorkel Itself

picture of snorkelsThe snorkeling strap should adjust to fit comfortably with your mask. Always keep your snorkel upright when you’re in the water. Not keeping it upright will increase your chance of having your snorkel filled with water. Any snorkel works and different types of snorkel is personal preference. There are basic snorkels that simply has a ‘J’ shaped tube. It’s cheap, simple and it does the job. There are snorkels available that’ll make snorkeling more comfortable. Purge valves make it easier to clear water that enters the snorkel. To clear water inside the snorkel, you’ll need to breathe out water from the tube. The purge valve will not require you to blow as hard.

Snorkel Tip

  • Use a snorkel with a purge valve – There’s a high chance you’ll have water in your snorkel. It’s uncomfortable for most snorkelers. You want to spend your energy enjoying the underwater world and not wasting them trying to purge all the water out of your snorkel. Having a purge valve is convenient. So convenient, it’s becoming an industry standard to include it.

Step 3: Snorkeling Fins

Snorkeling Fins

Snorkeling fins underwater. Photo from adamscottwilliams

You don’t need snorkeling fins but they’re great to get the most out of your snorkeling experience. Choose fins that are near your size. They shouldn’t curl your toes or slip off your heels. If you are between sizes, choose fins that are little bigger. Having it a too snug will cause blisters.

Snorkel Fin Tip

  • You’re kicking but not going anywhere? – Relax your ankles and knees and kick from your hips. This will help prevent your legs from cramping in the water. Fins should never be above waterline. That means your fins are always in the water. I’m watching!

Step 4: Should I rent or buy snorkeling gear?

buy or rentRent if you’re planning to snorkel once or twice. It’s good if you don’t want to carry your snorkeling gear since it takes up space when moving around. The downside to renting are the choices on snorkeling gear. Most places provide basic snorkeling gear and some will charge premiums with features like purge valves as I mentioned above. Another downside is the availability and rental locations. The worst day is when you just figure out the rental shop ran out of snorkeling gears.

You should buy snorkeling gear if you know you’re going more than 3-4 times. If you don’t mind carrying it around with you. The biggest benefit is knowing its your own. You don’t need to share the same mouthpiece with hundreds of people. The adjustments on your snorkeling mask and fins set to your preference. You’ll be saving money every time you go without worrying whether there’s a snorkeling rental available nearby. I suggest buying a snorkel set for first time buyers. It includes all the snorkel equipment you need. The snorkel mask, fins and the snorkel itself.

Knowing what to expect when you’re planning to snorkel is a huge life saver. You don’t need to feel pressured, stressed or confused with what’s going on before snorkeling. This information helps build a solid foundation to make sure you get the most out of your experience. The Worst part is over. Now it’s time to put on the proper snorkel gear. Go to the water, relax and have fun with your family and friends.

What swim cap should I buy? Latex vs Silicone vs ?

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Swim caps can be a little intimidating at first. What are latex swim caps? Silicone vs latex swim caps. Why there are floral swim caps etc. Once you know what you’re looking for, it’s a matter of knowing where to buy your swimming cap. The best swim caps are the caps made for your purpose of swimming. Find that out and you’ll find the best swim cap for you. Let’s break down what types of swim caps are available today.

Latex Swim Caps

Latex swimming caps are natural rubber swim caps but the material is much thinner. That means it doesn’t keep your head as warm. They are less expensive than silicone and rubber swim caps. Latex swim caps are unisex so both female and males can wear them unlike the rubber swim caps which are only for women. They don’t have chin straps but they don’t easily slip off. Latex swimming caps have a stronger hold than silicone but they’re more likely to tear if not properly handled. It comes in one size including swim caps for kids and might be snug for some swimmers. People with allergies to latex, avoid!

Latex Swim Cap Photos

latex swim cap

Adorable girl trying on an adult latex swim cap from miscellaneousmusings

blue latex swimming cap

Blue latex swimming cap on a swimmer from allstarsales


Quick Info on Rubber Swim Caps

  • For men &  women
  • Avoid if allergic to latex
  • Kid & adult size – one size fits all
  • Higher chance of ripping than silicone
  • Priced range: $2 to $4
  • Buy latex swim caps on

Silicone Swim Caps

Most swimmers prefer silicone swimming caps. Just like latex swim caps, it’s for both men and women. It’s made as an alternative to latex for people with allergies to latex. Silicone swim caps became known because it’s durable. It lasts much longer, doesn’t pull your hair as much and keeps you warmer because of its thicker material. Silicone has less elastic than latex so your swim cap may come off a little easier in the water.

Silicone Swim Cap Photos

speedo silicone swimming cap

Speedo silicone swim cap from wattstowales

silicone swim cap

Speedo silicon swimming cap on Mary from amerrylife


Quick Info on Silicone Swim Caps

Lycra swim caps

Swimming caps made with Lycra has general benefits of a swim cap like securing your swimming goggles on firmly and preventing hair on your face. One major difference between Lycra swim cap and the other swim caps is the porous material. This cap gets your hair wet so if it doesn’t bother you, the Lycra is a good choice. It’s stronger than latex caps so the price tag is a little higher.

Silicone Swim Cap Photos

Lycra swimming cap

Mannequin wearing a white Lycra swimming cap photo from Kaboodle


Quick Info on LycraSwim Caps

  • For men &  women
  • Your hair will get wet
  • Kid & adult size – one size fits all
  • Good if you only want to keep hair away from your face
  • Buy lycra swim caps on

Rubber Swim Caps

Rubber swim caps have different textures, styles and various color. They’re thick natural rubber and usually made for female swimmers. From plain through flower to bubbles, the rubber swim caps are not your typical lap swimming cap. The swim cap is secure by covering your ears. Depending on some brand, chin straps will keep it more secure. Swimmers prefer the rubber swim caps for the vintage or retro look and girls with fashion preference. It’s mainly for style and looks. The good thing about rubber swim caps is that some companies create different sizes. Other swimming caps usually makes one size fits all or swim caps for kids. Since they’re usually thicker, it may hold the heat, keeping your head warmer than other materials. The bad thing about these swim caps is the higher cost for its design and it’s designed for women. It costs from $5 to $15 depending on the detail compared to a silicone or latex which ranges from $2 to $13.

Rubber Swim Cap Photos

natural rubber swim caps
Rubber swim cap with chin strap photo from lakelandelements
floral rubber swim cap
Flower swim cap photo from Swim Cap Women

Quick Info on Rubber Swim Caps

  • For women
  • Various sizes and designs
  • Great for retro look
  • Stronger than latex
  • Priced range: $5 to $15 depending on design


Choosing a swim cap is easier when you know the purpose of your swimming. Don’t be afraid to visit your local store to try them on. Even though you’re getting a specific swim cap, some brands make them a little thicker than others. It should feel a little snug and not tight where you’re getting headaches. You’re not limited to the ones at the store. You can get personalized swim caps for you or for the entire team. For a little higher price, you can customize your swim caps to have it exactly the way you want it. Design your own swim cap. The best swim cap is a swim cap that makes you feel comfortable.

Cheap Swimming Pools – How To Choose

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Finding cheap swimming pools in the market way before the summer hits will be the best time for you to shop around. Nothing beats the summer heat swimming in a pool with your family and friends. People look forward to the summer weather. Imagine your own backyard pool, how “Cool” is that? The enjoyment is well worth the money spent. As we know, swimming pool cost of construction can eat much of your savings. Let’s dig in to find helpful information on different types of swimming pools you can buy.

Looking at swimming pools bring a refreshing feeling – the excitement felt by almost everyone. Most people aren’t aware that swimming pools are more than just recreation. It also serves as the training ground for teaching people how to do the basics of diving and conduct basic training for lifesaving rescue techniques. It’s also used for sports like synchronize swimming, water polo, and the like. End of the day, a swimming pool helps you relax. A perfect sport to enjoy the summer and beat the heat in your backyard.

Types of Swimming Pools

Knowing different types of pools is helpful in finding the right pool for you. Preparation and research is important. Choosing a pool depends on the space to set up your swimming pool, budget and what you will be doing.

Specialty Swimming Pools

Specialty pools or in-ground pools is great for those who have high budgets. Specialty pool build is great for those who want to use the pool to stay fit. These are the ones who build lap pools and swim spas. People with fitness in mind should get lap pools. They can easily fit into a smaller yard because of the minimum space needed. Swim spas provide the best of both worlds by offering relaxation and stress relief through water jets and for swimming purposes. There’s an alternative for heating as well.

In-ground Swimming Pools

In-ground pools use concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner which is great for strength and flexibility.

  • Fiberglass Pool – Great for locations where earthquake happens often.
  • Concrete Pool – Concrete provides any size, shape and overall design based on preference. Recommended for those who want a specific pool design with high budgets.
  • Vinyl Liner Pool – Made with panel walls placed above a concrete foundation. It’s covered by an in-ground pool liner. It’s flexible so its great for designing your pool

You can also add swimming pool accessories and other features like slides, water fountains, and diving boards. Going this route needs a larger sum of money and may take time to build. You can find inspirational in-ground swimming pools over at HGTV. It’s a great way to be creative with your in-ground swimming pool ideas.


Above Ground Swimming Pools

Above ground swimming pools are great for small budgets. This type uses steel or resin sidings with vinyl liners and aluminum. Wall patterns are available for designing your above ground pool. It cost less than in-ground swimming pools. It needs assembly by an installation service or you can do it yourself. It’s great if you move since you can take the pool with you. It’s suitable for small yards and you can choose many sizes and shapes that are available. Of course, unlike the in-ground pools, cheap swimming pools need a few more care for the long-term. For example, the vinyl above ground pool liners will need replacement every five years or so.

Above ground pools can come as framed, inflated or specially made for children. You can easily fill this pool with a garden hose. Based on preference, you can choose from:

Kiddie Pools

 Intex Sunset Glow Baby Pool

intex sunset glow baby swimming pool

Sunset Glow Baby Pool is great for toddlers and kids. The size makes it easy to take care of. Three rings inflate separately, made with vinyl and the kid friendly colorful scheme. It’s 4 pounds so its light and easy to move around. This cheap baby pool is also ideal for use of children from 24 months to six years old. Children will have fun and appreciate the hot weather with this fast, easy to set up small swimming pool.

The material for this kiddie pool is thicker than the typical thin and flimsy beach ball material making it very strong. The Sunset Glow Baby Pool can comfortably hold a child, two adults and some toys at once. Satisfied owners find the three rings have different holes for air filling to be an advantage. You will need to inflate each ring. If one inflatable ring leaks, the other two rings are still up. Sunset Glow Baby Pool saves space, easy to drain, clean and store. The Sunset Glow Baby Pool isn’t for for large parties and its meant for recreational use.

Click here to buy the Intex Kiddie Pool for your baby


Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center

intex rainbow ring swimming pool play center

Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center is another kiddie pool that comes in a different shape and size which children from age three to seven will enjoy. This is a break from kiddie pools that come in round or oval shapes. This pool includes a wading pool, water sprayer, water slide and a ring toss game complete with four inflatable rings. The water sprayer easily attaches to the garden hose. It carries up to 77 gallons of water. The size of this pool is 16 X 16 X 5.5 inches and weighs about 14.6 pounds. For safety purposes, the smaller parts may be a choking hazard for children below three years old.

People love the activities their children can do in the Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center. Accessories like the shower was a sure hit too. All are inflatable including the ladder, ramps and rainbow rings. There’s no drain so draining may be a problem. You can simply lean the pool on one side to drain the water.

Click here to buy the Intex Rainbow Ring Pool Play Center for your kids


Inflatable Pools

Intex Easy Set Round Pool Set

intex easy set round swimming pool set

Intex Easy Set Round Pool Set is a round pool is great for medium sized families to enjoy and cool under the heat. It’s a great way for kids to start learning how to swim and learn the standard pool safety. Its size is 16 X. 15 X. 26 inches. The above ground pool pump for filtering comes with this pool. With no tools needed, this pool can easily set up within 10 minutes. It comes with a DVD to help users with a step-by-step guide on setup. It also teaches you how to preserve the inflatable round pool as well. The Intex Round Pool weights around 36.2 pounds. The Intex pool walls are durable and stable from the material used. You should always supervise your children when using this round pool since the size is larger than baby pools. Unlike other inflatable pools, the Intex Easy Round Pool can drain without any hassle.

Owners who prefer inflatable pools say it’s easy to set up. They find the walls stable and upright compared to other inflatable pools. This means extra space for people to join the fun. Filters work great so it is great to keep the water clean. Most clients suggest setting it up on a flatter surface as opposed to slightly sloping surfaces for a more hassle free use.

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Framed Pools

Intex Family Size Round Metal Frame Pool Set

Intex Family Size Round Metal Frame Swimming Pool Set

Do you have a large family or simply want more room? The Intex Family Size Metal Frame Pool is your pool. The more family and friends you have inside, the merrier! With a pool size like this (34.9 X 18.1 X 11.4 inches), there’s always room for more. This framed pool is made with metal frames for a sturdy and stable feature. The tough linings are made of high quality materials. It takes 30 minutes to set up. Fast for the size right? It assembles easily and it surely looks good once set in the backyard. The Intex Round Metal Frame pool weights around 72 pounds. It comes with a swimming pool filter pump and a step-by-step DVD guide. The DVD guide explains the pool care including on how to set it up.

People love the combination of metal frame and heavy vinyl pool wall. The pool filter works well to keep the water clean and everybody safe from germs. The ladder included is durable. It doesn’t rust easily compared to other ladders in the market. The pool is not meant for uneven ground. You get the most with metal framed pool sets with even ground.

Click here to buy the Intex Family Size Round Metal Frame Pool Set for your family

Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Pool Set

Intex Ultra Frame Rectangular Swimming Pool Set

The Intex Ultra Frame is a large pool held by frames in a rectangular shape. It’s ideal for doing laps and large pool activities. A small family community can participate.  It comes with a volleyball set, ground cloth, filter pump, ladder, ladder barrier and cover. It includes a DVD providing a step-by-step guide for set up and pool care. It is larger than other pools and can fit the whole family with its size at 18 feet by 9 feet by 52 inches. It only takes about 60 minutes to get the Intex Ultra Frame Pool set up.

Both young and older people love this pool. Children can hold activities and games in the swimming pool while the adults can do laps. Instructions are harder than other pools since large pools generally have more parts.

The size of your yard is priority when choosing the best above ground pools for you. The shape of the pool like oval sized pools, for example, will be best for yards that are longer.

When it comes to maximum swimming area, round pools are the best choice. Surprisingly, it’s more affordable than the oval pools.  Durability isn’t a question nowadays when it comes to materials used for above ground pools. Whether you choose a round or oval pool, both will deliver the same strength and durability. There are things to look for if you’re considering getting an above ground pool like the durability of the pool wall, uprights and top rails. You should also inspect the vinyl pool liners for its thickness and quality.

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Above Ground Pool Liners

It is important to select the proper above ground pool liners. Don’t just settle for low-grade pool liners as this will affect the long-term use of your above ground pool. One economy grade type is the overlap liners. This type drapes on the pool wall held together by plastic clips. Then it’s placed over the top rail of the pool. It’s normal to see the liner hanging outside the pool. You can easily trim it off if it bothers you. This liner isn’t meant to be decorative so they usually come without patterns. This overlap liner is perfect for a wall height of 48-52 inches.

If you want to change into a beaded liner, you will need to install a bead receiver in the pool. This will have four foot sections set on top of the pool. Bead receivers offer a track that is important to install beaded liners. Make sure the beaded liners have the correct wall height to avoid overlapping. Make sure to measure the height of the pool accurately. Sending samples to manufacturers or suppliers will help avoid hassles on this one.

J-hooks and Uni-bead liners have hooks that can easily slip over the top of the pool. Uni-bead type is perfect for pools that make use of overlap liners.  Most people prefer the J-hook as it gives the option for patterned choices and decorative designs.  Expandable liners are great for pools that have been dug out to have a deep end. It’s common to have wrinkles because of the extra material. This liner expands to about 72 inches.

For pools with unusual shapes or sizes, the choice will be to have a custom-made above ground pool liner. This option costs more but you get a perfectly fit liner for your unusually shaped above ground pool.

Pool Accessories

Safety and maintenance for above ground pools is another thing to look into. Another factor that needs to consider is the above ground pool pump. The pool pump and water filter are important to preserve the cleanliness of the pool. The pool pump helps circulate the water and keep a consistent water flow for the pool. This keeps the pool from forming bacteria, germs and viruses that may affect you and your children. The filters should be drained regularly, cleaned and refilled with clean water.

The swimming pool lights may look like just another add-on to make the pool look great but its great for swimming at night. The most common swimming pool lights are hanging, floating, mounted in liners and magnetically attached. Choose pool lights that steadily illumines the entire pool or where it’ll you the most.

Weighing your choices would be ideal before choosing a cheap swimming pool to buy. Having fun in the sun is enjoyable when you find the right pool for you and your family. Considering the advantages that it brings, it’s no question it’s convenient to have one at home. You and your kids are safe at home and you can go in the water whenever you want. No need to wait for the community pool to open. Buying an above ground pool is practical and convenient if you and your family enjoy getting in the water. With proper care and setup, you can enjoy these cheap swimming pools for a long time.