Learn How to Use Snorkel Masks

October 6, 2012  |  How To's

Your snorkeling trip can be a disaster if you’re not prepared. Snorkel masks are important swimming gear to have when snorkeling. You’ll need them to see under water. There are a few tips you must know to minimize the chances of running into problems with your snorkeling mask.

Step 1: Your new mask

boy trying on a snorkeling mask

Boy trying on a snorkeling mask. Photo by hobomama

Some masks come with oily residue or liquid silicone. You’ll need to clean the mask with a mask cleaner you can buy at any sporting store. A good, cheaper option is using toothpaste or a nonabrasive liquid dish washing detergent. I’m going to beat a dead horse and say it again. Use nonabrasive liquid dish washing soap. If you’re not sure, use a toothpaste or buy a cleaner at the store. Apply the cleaner outside and inside the lens. Wipe around the lens with a soft cloth and rinse with tap water.

Step 2: Inspect your snorkel mask

Make sure the mask fits your face comfortably. Not fit means more water entering your mask. Don’t use the strap when you’re trying on the mask. Slightly inhale through your nose. Tilt your head down and it still holds, then you have a good fit. Check for wear or rips on the straps or loose buckles and replace them if needed.

Step 3: Get the most out of your mask

Anti-fog solutions will be your best friend. The fast and cheap yet not so effective way of defogging your mask is to spit inside your goggles. It doesn’t sound disgusting when you’re already in the water with a foggy mask. A better solution is to buy a commercial anti-fog solution. Those work the best and lasts much longer. Another good option is the toothpaste. It lasts longer than spit but not as long as commercial products. Always rinse your snorkel mask with tap water after you finish.

Snorkel masks are important gear to have when snorkeling. I can’t say this enough. You can go without the snorkeling fins or snorkel. Without a mask, you’ll have a hard time seeing under water. Without seeing underwater, then you’re not snorkeling. How boring is that? Imagine. Everyone gets to enjoy swimming with the fishes, experiencing the wonderful sea life while your head is on the surface. Imagine waiting for your friends and family to come up to tell you how wonderful it looks down there. Take a few snorkel mask preparations and enjoy the day out in the water.

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